Democrats in Congress are Helping Liz Cheney Ahead of Wyoming Primary


On Tuesday, August 16, the Wyoming primary will be held. Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney faces a tough battle against Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman. Cheney has requested Wyoming Democrats to switch party affiliations and vote for her. Democratic donors have donated funds to Cheney and the GOP Congresswoman is still in the red. Cheney is doing everything possible to win the primary.

Two House Democrats have asked Democratic party members to temporarily switch to Republican to vote for Cheney. Online ads endorsed Cheney by Congressmen Tom Malinowski, D-NJ, and Dean Phillips, D-MN.

Malinowski stated in a Facebook advertisement:

“Liz Cheney is not my friend… But I’m on the same side today fighting for a country that allows us to settle our differences through voting and not violence. Wyoming Democrats can also put country before the party by registering to vote in her Republican primary.”

Dean Phillips stated in another Facebook advertisement:

“You may be surprised to learn that I support Liz Cheney in her bid for Wyoming to remain in the U.S. House. But the principle must always prevail over politics and nobody has displayed more honor, integrity, and courage than she… Therefore, I ask that you temporarily switch parties and vote for Liz Cheney by August 16th.

It remains to be seen if Wyoming Democrats will register as Republicans and vote in Cheney’s favor, but she is making every effort to think it might happen.

Here is the Cheney ad for those who haven’t seen it:

Conservatives and leftists disagree strongly on almost every issue. However, they seem to be in agreement about their dim view of Dick Cheney these days. This tactic of Liz, which airs her father’s ad on “Fox and Friends”, and “Hannity” will probably be futile.

After all the lies he has told under George W. Bush, Dick Cheney is the last person who should be talking about truth. Liz has brought everyone out, Dick Cheney, Democratic donors, and Democratic colleagues. It might not be enough, because every poll shows that she is trailing large. Democrats and Independents would need to register as Republicans in order to vote for her. She has a slim chance of winning.

Cheney could still get a job on CNN if she loses the primary. This is a common trend among politicians who have lost races and worked for the mainstream media. Although she teased the possibility of a run in 2024, unless Democrats vote for her, there is no chance she will be able to win a GOP presidential primary.


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