DeSantis Landed So Many Blows That He Even Triggered BlackRock, and the Ratio Was Glorious

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

Ron DeSantis came out swinging in the latest GOP primary debate, and he landed so many blows that he even triggered BlackRock. 

The exchange that kicked things off was over the proliferation of ESG in the business world. DeSantis pointed out that he was the only person on stage who had taken tangible action against it, including targeting BlackRock specifically. 

Apparently, Larry Fink’s outfit didn’t take too kindly to that. Someone from their social media team rushed to put out a snooty response about how BlackRock is really just a benevolent retirement fund. The ratio was glorious, and it’s still building. 

Imagine fibbing that brazenly and thinking you aren’t going to get destroyed in the process. Click on the above post and take a look at the comments if you want to see an absolute beatdown. 

On the merits, BlackRock has openly bragged about its commitment to ESG over the years, seeing itself as a pioneer of the insidious political voodoo that seeks to push social and cultural change through financial pressure. As DeSantis notes, it’s a way to do an end-run around voters, advancing left-wing policy initiatives by investing in companies that support them. 

Because of that BlackRock isn’t very popular on the right (and ironically, the left either because they are still capitalists). Republicans see the hedge fund as a force for globalism, pointing to its involvement with the World Economic Forum and its predatory property-buying in addition to its pushing of ESG. DeSantis has become an enemy of BlackRock because he’s taken real action to stop their advance.

I’ll end by pointing out another reason BlackRock may be sniping at the governor, though. Namely, that Nikki Haley recently met with Larry Fink, presumably securing his support. Last night at the debate, she was bragging about having “Wall Street donors” on her side. 

I’m not sure that line is going to play well in a Republican primary, but what do I know? 


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