Jon Lovitz Demolishes Rashida Tlaib’s Awful Justification for Vote Against Bill Condemning Antisemitism

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

It should be easy for members of the House to agree to a resolution against antisemitism. 

Well, easy for most, but perhaps not for people like Rep. Rashida Tlaib. (D-MI).  She voted against a bill condemning antisemitism. She also didn’t vote in favor of a bill supporting Israel’s right to exist, she voted “present” which is a cowardly way to not vote for it. See also voted against a resolution to condemn Hamas for the attack on Israel. She’s already been censured by the House for her incendiary rhetoric over the Israel-Hamas war, including posting a video with the antisemitic “from the river to the sea in it. 

So when she tried to justify her vote against a bill condemning antisemitism, it did not go well. 

Opposing the policies of the government of Israel and Netanyahu’s extremism is not antisemitic. Speaking up for human rights and a ceasefire to save lives should never be condemned.I voted against H. Res. 894.

The problem? The bill didn’t have anything to do with the “policies of Israel.” Tlaib is trying to gaslight people with that. And what a claim that she’s speaking up for “human rights” when her position of wanting a ceasefire helps keep in place terrorists who slaughtered 1200 people and committed all kinds of other atrocities. 

The Mossad Satire account said if for a lot of people. 

But leave it to comedian Jon Lovitz. He’s not been afraid to take on the Squad and the socialist left in the past. 

Lying and saying you voted against a bill denouncing antisemitism and recognizing Israel’s right to exist.
(You voted “present”. Which is a non vote. But just as bad)
Being censured by all your colleagues for being antisemitic.(I guess they misunderstood you.)
Not just criticizing but refusing to support the democratic ally of the United States, the country of Israel.
Refusing to condemn the terrorist group Hamas, whose stated goal is to eradicate all the Jewish people, in the world, starting with wiping Israel off the map. But you’re not antisemitic
Yeah, that’s the ticket!.

So when is she going to vote to condemn Hamas and call for them to surrender on the floor of the House? Somehow, I don’t see that coming. No one has “misunderstood” her, as Lovitz notes. Her intent is plain for all to see. 


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