DeSantis Lights Up Biden for the President’s Latest Attempt to Help Hamas


Stop me if you’ve heard this before. The United States is preparing to send more money to the Gaza Strip under the guise of “aid.” That’s the story after Secretary of State Antony Blinken ended a marathon negotiation meeting with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. 

According to a statement released by Blinken, the two agreed on a plan to enable “humanitarian assistance to flow to civilians in Gaza in a way that does not benefit Hamas.”

Fifth, the President will hear from Israel how it will conduct its operations in a way that minimizes civilian casualties and enables humanitarian assistance to flow to civilians in Gaza in a way that does not benefit Hamas.
To that end, today, and at our request, the United States and Israel have agreed to develop a plan that will enable humanitarian aid from donor nations and multilateral organizations to reach civilians in Gaza – and them alone – including the possibility of creating areas to help keep civilians our of harm’s way.  It is critical that aid begin flowing into Gaza as soon as possible.

There’s no question that was a demand made by the United States in exchange for support for Israel’s attacks on Hamas. There’s also no question that it’s a ridiculous thing to do at this point in time. Further, the statement makes clear that if Hamas does seize aid, there would be no mechanism in place to actually do anything about it. 

We share Israel’s concern that Hamas may seize or destroy aid entering Gaza or otherwise preventing it from reaching the people who need it.  If Hamas in any way blocks humanitarian assistance from reaching civilians, including by seizing the aid itself, we’ll be the first to condemn it and we will work to prevent it from happening again.

Yes, I’m sure Hamas will really care about the Biden administration condemning them if they continue to steal aid meant for humanitarian purposes. I say continue because that has already happened

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, located in Gaza, was robbed recently, with a large stockpile of fuel being taken. 
According to the UNRWA, which put out a statement on Monday, trucks purporting to be from the “Ministry of Health” from the “de facto authorities in Gaza” removed the fuel and medical equipment from the organization’s staging area. 

Ron DeSantis slammed Biden for the move, and deservedly so. 

It just blows my mind that we are even having an argument about this. Hamas has been stealing humanitarian aid and oppressing its own residents in Gaza for as long as it has existed. No amount of toothless threats about condemnations is going to stop that. We are talking about a terrorist group that literally digs up water pipes, dooming children to dehydration, in order to turn them into rockets. 

Not an ounce of aid should enter the Gaza Strip until Hamas is effectively dethroned, and if the Biden administration is worried about what’s going on right now, they should step out of Israel’s way so they can accomplish their goal sooner. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That’s a concept that’s completely foreign to the current president.


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