Even CNN Is in Disbelief at AOC’s Ceasefire Comments – and It Gets Worse With Her Refugee Remarks


We’ve seen a lot of bad moves from the Squad so far when it comes to the attack on Israel and the resulting war. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and some of the others issued statements calling for an immediate ceasefire. 

AOC was interviewed by CNN’s Abby Phillip, and Phillip asked her what Israel was supposed to do in the face of such a vicious attack, “Are they just supposed to do nothing?” 

Her response was silly, saying a ceasefire wasn’t one-sided. 

But, what she’s saying thereby is essentially that Hamas should get a free one if they now have a ceasefire. Phillip called her on it. From Israel’s position, there was already an attack, Phillip said. “Do you really believe they should not respond to that?” Phillip inquired. 

AOC said that Israel had a “right to self-defense” — but then proceeded to completely cut that down, blathering about collective punishment and saying we have to think about “what our goal is.” 

Phillip noted Israel’s goal is to take out the terrorists. It’s a simple concept. But AOC, in typical leftist response, doesn’t seem to want Israel to deal with the terrorists. Phillip kept pressing AOC as to how Israel is supposed to take out the terrorists if they don’t respond, other than to “go in there and take them on directly.” Israel has tried reasoning and everything in the past. Hamas still wants to kill them all and wipe them off the planet. 

Yet what does AOC do? Accuse Israel of “indiscriminate attack.” I’ve never seen anything in a war like Israel’s care for civilians. They “roof knock” to warn civilians to get out. They told civilians to evacuate the area in advance of a possible ground invasion. Hamas told them to stay and continue to be human shields. Yet, AOC continues this nonsensical response and wants to completely hamstring the rules of engagement. And the problem is we’re seeing some of this same thing from the Biden team as well, with the focus seemingly being on aid and the people of Gaza, not getting the hostages back and taking out the terrorists who just killed Israelis and Americans. 

As I reported earlier, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that they are working on a plan to get more aid into Gaza, and oh, well, if Hamas hijacked it, they’d condemn them. What an incredibly naive comment. What does Hamas care about their condemnation? 

Not only does AOC want to hamstring the response, but she even refused to vote for Iron Dome funding in the past because Israel had previously bombed buildings with Hamas terrorists. 

On the other hand, she does want us to take in refugees from Gaza. 

Why would we take in refugees from an area heavily laden with folks who hate us and where they support people who just killed and kidnapped Americans? That would be an insane move. Even their neighbors wouldn’t take them and aren’t opening the doors to them. Why would that be? 

But Democrats would still want us to, regardless of how that might endanger Americans. 

This is ridiculous foreign policy, and unfortunately, they don’t care how they would hurt us. 


  1. Though, I absolutely loathe her, I kind of understand where she’s coming from. No, I do not support Hamas or any terrorists. What she is talking about is the fact that indiscriminately, civilians are going to get killed. But yet, what she doesn’t understand and what the CNN host tried to articulate to her is that Hamas hides amongst the civilians? They are terrorists. And if the civilians want peace, then they are going to have to turn the terrorists in.


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