DeSantis Slams Biden for Trying to Make Excuses for His Lousy Presidency


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis attacked Joe Biden in his speech at Florida’s Freedom First Budget signing. He accused him of trying “make excuses for” his poor approval ratings which have hit a new low this week.

“I saw this news report in which Biden is so upset that his approval ratings have dropped to the toilet. He doesn’t get it, he’s mad at his staff, he blames other people, and he blames the media. This is despite the fact that he receives the most media coverage any president has ever received when compared to Trump’s treatment. It’s like night and day.

Biden reportedly complained to White House aides that they were not doing enough for the inflation problem.

DeSantis said, “He’s trying to make excuses.” And he continued, “And I’m just wondering to myself, What has he done?’ He immediately waged war on American energy production. Record gas prices are a result of his policies. Look at their actions in terms of printing trillions and trillions of US dollars, fiscal and monetary, and borrowing. What would you get for that? This is the longest sustained inflation in this country for over 40 years.”


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