National Gas Prices Have Doubled Since Biden Took Office


Under President Biden’s administration, gas prices more than doubled. The price of a gallon has more than doubled since Biden was elected to office in January 2021. The national average cost of a gallon was $2.39 on Jan. 20, 2021. According to AAA, Saturday’s gas price has risen to $4.81. This is five cents more than Friday.

This week, the White House celebrated an OPEC decision that would increase supply. It also tapped the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. However, it criticised U.S. oil companies for not increasing their production.

Republicans used the unprecedented rise in gas prices, and inflation to attack the Biden administration.

It is becoming more probable that the national average will rise to $5 per gallon, and that could happen as early as June 17, Patrick De Haan (head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy), predicted.

Tuesday’s White House statement did not mention that Biden’s policies were responsible for the recent high levels of inflation.

Biden acknowledged Friday that Americans don’t care about why gas prices have risen so much, and they want them to drop.


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