Did Donald Trump Kill Alexei Navalny? Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman Thinks So

AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin

Hyper-exaggeration is the bane of modern politics. Whether it’s the internet or just out-of-control partisanship, political commentators and observers have lost their minds.

Take Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, former Donald Trump aide who was a star witness for the prosecution in Trump’s first impeachment trial. Vindeman has become a poster boy for anti-Trump hysteria and is making a very nice living on the talk show circuit trashing his former boss.

In keeping with his persona as a leading light of the TDS lobby, Vindman appeared on MSNBC and proceeded to make a total fool of himself.

“Donald Trump invited Vladimir Putin to attack NATO. I would say that that probably was a contributing factor in the calculus around the assassination of Navalny,” Vindman told MSNBC’s Michael Steele Friday.

The idea that Donald Trump “invited Vladimir Putin to attack NATO” is so far beyond the pale of commentary that Vindman should be drummed out of the anti-Trump legion of dishonor.

How stupid is Vindman? He claimed in the interview that Putin killed Navalny to “test the waters.”

“That is a signal that Russia is ready to be more aggressive because it…has a sense of impunity,” he said. “Why? Because Trump is not just the likely Republican nominee, he’s the head of the Republican Party.”

“He issues marching orders to Speaker Johnson. He issues marching orders to this radical MAGA, a political establishment that is now their Republican House,” Vindman continued.


The Hill:

Of all the idiotic nonsense, this constant twaddle from lefties that their “lives are in danger” because Trump’s Men in Black are coming for them if he’s re-elected takes the booby prize. Why didn’t he have them killed during his first term?

Navalny’s courage in the face of someone who really wanted to kill him was otherworldly. Leftist cowards get hysterical about Trump coming to kill them while Navalny continued to make speeches even after Putin tried to poison him in Germany.

With a cruelty that’s almost beyond belief, Putin refused to turn over Navalny’s body to his mother until a week after he died.

“Aleksei’s body has been handed over to his mother,” Mr. Navalny’s spokeswoman, Kira Yarmysh, said in a statement. “The funeral is yet to come. We don’t know whether the authorities will interfere with carrying it out in the way the family wants and as Aleksei deserves.”

That’s real courage. Not the bedwetting of Vindman.


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