Trump Indicates Strong Support for IVF After Alabama Supreme Court Ruling

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Donald Trump issued a social media post Friday strongly supporting in vitro fertilization (IVF) after the Alabama Supreme Court issued a ruling concerning the legal rights of embryos conceived using IVF. 

Earlier this week, Alabama’s high court ruled that frozen embryos must have the same legal rights as children and that their disposal should be considered a form of wrongful death. 

The decision, celebrated by pro-life groups, was the result of a lawsuit brought by a group of IVF patients whose frozen embryos were destroyed in December 2020 after being accidentally dropped on the floor. 

In his opinion, Associate Justice Jay Michell wrote that he was unable “to recognize an unwritten exception for extrauterine children in the wrongful-death context” and that wrongful-death law “applies to all children, born and unborn, without limitation.”

However, the issue has raised concern that IVF treatments may soon no longer be available in the state of Alabama, a fear that Trump shares. 

He wrote on Truth Social Friday: 

Although the law does not specifically concern abortion, it underscores the growing rift between Trump and some conservative states over the issue. 

Last week, The New York Times revealed that if re-elected to the White House, Trump would go against the position of pro-life activists and support a compromise federal 16-week abortion ban with exceptions in the cases of rape, incest, or a threat to the life of the mother:

The issue of abortion may also help determine who Trump chooses as his eventual running mate, amid claims that he is “instantly dismissive” of those who have deeply held views on the sanctity of life. 

Trump has repeatedly warned that the issue of abortion is costing the GOP votes in key races, most notably during the 2022 midterms when the party underperformed expectations around the country. 


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