Did Ron DeSantis’ Martha’s Vineyard Flight Save Illegals From Hurricane Death Toll?


Liberals should ask themselves the following question: Did Ron DeSantis aid 50 illegal Venezuelan immigrants escape the clutches of Hurricane Ian? This is why liberals are suing DeSantis.

What’s the Biden Administration’s Cuban Interdiction Policy policy? The program sent seven Cuban balseros or rafters to Cuba, where they were captured on both sides of the Straits of Florida/Atlantic. They landed on Pompano Beach a day before Ian’s full force.

Biden predicted that this hurricane would be the most fatal in Florida’s history. We have received early reports of what could be a devastating loss of life.

The Category-5 Labor Day Hurricane of 35 was the most devastating in Florida’s history. In response to the World War I Bonus March, the federal government settled them in the Florida Keys.

Many were killed by the hurricane’s 185 mph winds, which was the worst Atlantic hurricane storm ever recorded.

Perhaps there should be bipartisan cheering for Governor DeSantis. Martha’s Vineyard is to be commended in their efforts to save illegal immigrants’ lives. The Biden Administration insists illegal immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to settle anywhere in hurricane-prone regions where their lives are in danger. This is contrary to his speeches.

DeSantis flew to Vineyard to save lives.


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