More Cringeworthy Moments From Kamala at the DMZ


Kamala Harris appears to struggle with geography

She is supposed to do something about the southern border crisis. On Thursday, she finally made it to the border. But it wasn’t the right border. It was the border between North Korea & South Korea. She had a problem at the DMZ. She seemed to forget with whom our alliance is in the region. She spoke of the strength of our alliance and the “Republic of North Korea”.

KAMALA HARRIS: “The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea.”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) September 29, 2022

This wasn’t the end.

Harris reached the top of a ridge near security cameras and guard towers at the DMZ. As a South Korean officer pointed out the military installations on its southern side, Harris looked through heavy binoculars. An American officer then pointed out defenses along the line of military demarcation, including claymore mines and barbed-wire fences. He stated that American soldiers often walk along the path.

Kamala Harris reacts to seeing the DMZ: “It’s so close!”

“It’s 50 meters away, ma’am.”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) September 29, 2022

Harris stated, “It’s so near.” The officer said, “It’s only 50 meters away.” It was so close, she seemed shocked. Is she squinting and staring through the binoculars for 50 meters? Really? Since she took office, she hasn’t been so close to our border. She doesn’t want to travel to the border she and Joe Biden made a disaster.

As I reported previously, 800 illegal aliens have died at the border so far in 2022. This is an unprecedented number, compared to 300 before. As if all that wasn’t scandalous enough, the new IG report confirmed that the Biden Administration was housing children in poor conditions, including allegations of sexual assault and poor treatment.

It got worse. As if they were five years old, let’s hear Kamala Harris explain the Webb telescope. Their faces were priceless.

Kamala Harris at the DMZ: “Have you seen the photographs from the Webb telescope?”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) September 29, 2022

Harris asks them, “Have they seen the photographs taken by the Webb telescope?” They smile and nod politely to Harris, probably wondering why she’s talking about space while they’re there, protecting against the North Koreans. She is also supposed to be there discussing what’s happening there. The man on the left is trying to keep it together.

Is it because she treats everyone as if they were five-year-olds? Is it because she thinks that way?

She has made many other cringe-worthy comments about space. In 2021, she was in trouble when she created a video showing her talking to children about space. It turned out that they were actors. The video was meant to make her more human, but it proved disastrous. She spoke to military personnel at Vandenberg Space Force Base about space as if they were five years old. Similar to Harris, she also delivered remarks at the Artemis launch. Artemis was unsuccessful, just like Harris’ remarks.

Perhaps it’s because she is out there in space when it comes to doing anything on Earth.

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