Does Alex Jones Deserve Defending?


Texas jury orders InfoWars founder Alex Jones to pay $4M in compensatory damage to Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis. Jesse Lewis was among the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School’s mass murder, in Newtown, Connecticut 2012 by Adam Lanza. Lewis and Heslin requested at least $150M.

Jones is not having a good week, as fellow RedStater Joe Cunningham noted this past Wednesday, August 3rd:

Jones was on the stand as an attorney for the Sandy Hook legal team grilling him over his past statements. Jones was attempting (poorly) to defend himself when the lawyer revealed a very horrifying truth: That Jones’ own lawyer had sent a digital copy of Jones’ phone to the Sandy Hook lawyer by mistake and never attempted to claim it was privileged.

Amber Heard’s legal representation has been a great relief. They’re not the worst in Western Hemisphere.

Jones is not my target.

It is difficult for me to imagine the pain of losing a child. I’ve buried my parents and two of my brothers. But, it is the hardest thing about life to have to bury your child.

It’s easy to see why parents who lost their child to a madman’s murderous rampage are desperate for justice. Jones is suing you because Jones has no right to recompense her family.

Heslin claimed Jones’ words had threatened his life.

Heslin stated that Sandy Hook’s words were “resonating all over the globe” and that Heslin was one of the 20 victims who died in the Newtown, Connecticut terrorist attack.

The dad in Austin, Texas, choked up and said that “as time passed it became more dangerous. “My life is in danger. I am afraid for my life and my safety. ”

Heslin said that Jones’s apology was not sufficient.

He stated, “Alex started this fight and I’ll win it,”

Heslin may not be aware of Streisand’s impact on his lawsuit. Jones has been receiving more attention than he did at Sandy Hook.

The problem is, where does it end?

Alex Jones made it his profession, to sow and reap the wind. He should be protected because he knows it will be hard to get back everything in Pandora’s Box’s Saul Alinsky Edition.

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