Don’t Draft Our Daughters for Front-Line Combat


A few Republican congressmen were able, thanks to the hard work and dedication of many conservative groups to repeal a clause in last year’s National Defense Authorization Act. This would have required America’s young women to register for the draft.

However, we are back to this once again. With the Senate Armed Services Committee passing the provision in the yearly NDAA Bill and the House set for consideration next week, we will find out if Democrats with the possible support of Republicans will push forward legislation to force our daughters on the frontlines.

This legislation will harm the American family as well as our military readiness. This legislation is an open attempt to advance a radical agenda that eliminates all distinctions between men and women. Republicans already knew this last year. It is the same today as it was then.

Last year’s victory proved that conservatives could fight for family values in the NDAA. An NDAA that, under the name of “national defense,” conscripts daughters and mothers to combat should not be supported by any Republican member.

It is not a question of whether women can become effective soldiers in the armed forces. It has never been. Many do so voluntarily and deserve our highest praise for their sacrifice and service. Today, there are approximately 17 million draft-registration-age men and 60 million “fighting-age” men (18 to 49), with the majority being able-bodied.

My colleagues and I agree that women should never be sent to war zones. Oh, really? Many on the left don’t know what a woman is and are working to eliminate all distinctions between the sexes. They tell children that girls can turn into boys and boys can turn into girls and that it is possible for men to become pregnant. They encourage radical gender ideology even in the military and force biological women to share their living spaces with anyone who identifies themselves as one.

Even worse, many of these same colleagues claim that we won’t have to draft women unless it is “really bad.” Which is it? If it’s “really terrible,” then everyone will be on the frontline. This is a question about whether we, as a nation, will force young women to serve in conscription for political correctness. That’s it.

Chasing “equity”, over military readiness, threatens the fabric and security of our country by supporting the radical left’s antiscience gender ideology. Women and men are intrinsically different. They bring different physical abilities. Although some women may be as competent as the men, they are generally not as effective on the battlefield. The U.S. Marine Corps spent more than $30 million in 2015 to study this question. It was unsurprising that mixed-gender units performed better than all-male units almost 70% of the time in ground combat tasks.

The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT), which was reintroduced in April, has also been dropped. This decision was made after nearly half of all female soldiers failed the previous version of the test. Senator Tom Cotton (R.A.) asked Secretary to the Army Christine Wormuth about the decision. She said that they dropped the standards because “we didn’t want any subgroups to be disadvantaged.”

With the inclusion of women in the draft, the left’s long-running effort to eliminate all distinctions between the sexes continues. This is yet another step in their long-running effort to force their extreme agenda on the rest. We can’t let them go, they won’t give up.

If a military cares more about military readiness than “equity,” it will not hesitate to put your daughter on the front line. The Selective Service’s purpose is to provide combat replacements for casualties in battle. If the United States is in danger, it is not wise to pull replacements from the most powerful subsection of the population. This disadvantages everyone — even “subgroups”.

Republicans should not fall for the idea that “must-pass legislation” is a way to destroy our future. They must stand up for their daughters and defend our country’s safety and security. The NDAA proved last year that it is possible to win this battle if we are committed.

According to the rumors, there is a consensus among Republicans that drafting women isn’t the right choice. This is, Lord willing. However, Republicans will make sure that Congress passes legislation that allows our daughters to be drafted.


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