NPR Reminds Us Why It Needs to be Defunded With Its Latest Tweets


Here’s a fun fact about how National Public Radio (NPR), gets its funding.

According to The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which manages NPR, they received a $50m increase in federal funding support, totaling $525 million, after the House and Senate passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2022.

Did you get that? Good.

Not only was the assassination shocking to Japan’s people, but the world at large, too. He was the longest-serving Prime Minister in Japanese history and a strong ally in fighting against communist regimes in North Korea and China. The world leaders released statements to remember the man and express their sorrow at his death.

Two entities made statements that many found disgusting. The other was President Joe Biden, who used Abe’s passing to push anti-gun narratives.

The other came from NPR. NPR first tweeted Abe as a “divisive archconservative”, but quickly deleted it.

NPR did not delete the tweet because they were ashamed of their hyper-partisan tweet regarding a slain male. They simply had to change the wording so that Abe looked worse. He’s now not only a left-leaning politician but a crazed racist.

Let me remind you, CPB received over half a million dollars from the government.

This is the first time NPR has been exposed as a hyper-partisan propaganda agency. We previously reported that the organization has become more leftist as time goes by. It had a long-standing tradition of reading the Declaration of Independence every July 4, which had been going on for more than 30 years. This tradition was dropped this year in order to allow one of the hosts to discuss “equality” without partisan biases.

The federal government provides $525 million to its parent station, part of which is donated to NPR.

Jarrett Stepman, of The Daily Signal, noted that NPR began to allow its reporters to engage openly in bias in 2021, which allowed them to use NPR as an activist platform.

NPR granted its reporters permission to engage in direct activism in 2021. NPR has expressed concern about conservative websites that cover conservative issues and rely on round-the-clock programming that is overwhelmingly focused on race or gender.

Some of the new programmings are unintentionally funny. NPR ran a segment on decolonizing fitness. NPR recently published a segment about Americans’ ability to “cope” when they hear stories about the war in Ukraine.

More than half a billion dollars.

It’s funny that the station received over $1 million in a grant for its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work in May. But, hilariously, leftists are becoming more leftist. The more they focus on NPR’s “diversity”, the more their woke employees believe NPR is racist. It will eventually die, just like all places that are woke.

Let’s all hope this includes going bankrupt.

NPR should not be seen as a shill for the western radical left if it is going to be hyper-partisan or a shill for the west. The rest of America does not, so our money should not be spent on NPR.


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