Elon Musk Calls Out AOC, Asks Twitter If They Trust Politicians Or Billionaires


Elon Musk, the world’s wealthiest man, is trolling liberals online again with his tweets. His latest tweets were a poke at liberal politicians like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who believe billionaires are a curse to society and should be taxed heavily.

An eccentric billionaire and Tesla CEO, who is also the potential future owner of Twitter, created a Twitter poll to ask his 95.3 million followers if they trust billionaires more than politicians.

Musk tweeted, “Who do trust less?” Real question.” He offered the choices of “Politicians”, or “Billionaires”. The poll had gathered over 3,000,000 votes as of Friday afternoon. 75.7% selected “Politicians”, while 24.3% chose “Billionaires” as the person they trust least.

Musk poked fun at one politician and her progressive fans, and responded to his poll by asking that the congresswoman do one for her supporters.

Musk tweeted: “. Musk tweeted, “.

The Bronx Congresswoman has repeatedly mentioned taxing the wealthy, and even wore a dress with a “Tax the Rich” logo to the Met Gala. In an interview, she also stated that she would love to sell her Tesla after her CEO made fun of her on Twitter.

Musk seemed to be interested in seeing who her supporters trust less.

Many liberal blue-checks came together to comment on the provocative series. While some made observations, others were more uptight.

Nina Burleigh, a journalist, was not amused by Musk’s inability to stop focusing on the Uvalde school shooting in Texas. She tweeted: “Wouldn’t it be remarkable and admirable if @elonmusk used its enormous platform to speak against loose gun laws which enable massacres?”

Cenk Uygur, Young Turks host, corrected Musk by tweeting: “This is a trick query. Our politicians are suckers because they serve the wealthy. They do everything for their donors. They accept legalized bribes, and they do what is asked of them. The reason politicians are so corrupt is that they were bought by billionaires.

“The worst billionaires are those who think they are politicians @elonmusk. Not that I have any names in particular… @BillGates,” tweeted conservative YouTuber Viva Frei.

Jenna Ellis, a former Trump lawyer, commented on Musk’s tweet tweeting that “Billionaires invest their own money.” My money goes to politicians.”

“Guard the public liberty with jealous attention. “Suspect anyone who comes close to that precious jewel,” tweeted Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch.

Gad Saad, a psychiatrist and author, got very technical in his assessment of the poll. He tweeted, “Politicians, multicellular parasites.” They are a net loss to society. Many billionaires are net beneficiaries, even though they have high levels of scamming.

Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT for America, offered a more nuanced perspective by tweeting, “I believe you, but I don’t trust Bill Gates.”

Brandon Herrera, a YouTuber, came out to support billionaires. He tweeted, “Billionaires often had to grind at an opportunity for their money. Politicians must find ways to make their money.

Nina Turner, former Ohio State Senator, tweeted: “Trick question. The politicians are bought and work for the wealthy. They’re synonymous.”

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