Trump May Have Settled on a Running Mate for Potential 2024 Bid


Trump has yet to announce whether he will run for the presidency in 2024. It is widely believed that Trump will announce his decision after the 2022 midterm elections.

According to sources within Trump’s inner circle, one name is most likely to be his vice presidential nominee: Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.

CNN was told multiple times by sources that Stefanik is interested and that “conversations regarding including Stefanik in a future Trump ticket”.

CNN reports that Trump is “interviewing close friends, allies on their opinions about Stefanik. One of the many Republican women he might be interested in for the potential slot to become VP. However, he hasn’t ruled out other male candidates. ”

One Trump advisor said, “Trump is fond of Elise Stefanik. There is a part of Trump who thinks he needs a female VP. He definitely likes her, likely because of how effusive she is to him”.

Stefanik’s group currently denies the idea of joining an international party.

Alex DeGrasse, a senior advisor to Stefanik, stated that Congresswoman Stefanik is 100% dedicated to serving New York City’s 21st Congressional District. She is also the House Republican Conference Chair and leads the effort to retake Congress in 2022 in order to fire Nancy Pelosi.

Trump, who was born in New York and has lived there his whole life, moved to Florida in 2019 to be with a running partner. But is Stefanik capable of balancing the ticket adequately? I’m not sure. However, Trump has plenty of options and time to think about it.

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