Elon Musk Drags Corporate Wokeism, Causing Teeth Clinching and Wining


Elon Musk continues making waves almost daily. That’s because the billionaire and likely future Twitter owner decided on Tuesday to bring corporate wokeism about “pride month” to his attention.

June is fast approaching, and you all know what that means. Every major corporation will be using rainbow colors in advertising and avatars to demonstrate how they feel about the cause. Musk mocked it with a meme, which immediately attracted wailing and gnashing teeth.

Many people missed the point and took Musk’s post as an anti-gay screed.

Musk isn’t really commenting on the necessity for pride month. Musk is merely pointing out that corporations, which otherwise wouldn’t care as much about the issue, spend every year trying to make a profit from it. This is similar to companies using “green advertising” as a way of virtue-signaling customers into their doors or onto one’s site. It eventually feels exploitative and cynical.

It is possible that the in-your-face nature of the whole thing causes more division than unity regarding gay pride month. On social media, I recently pointed out that there are at least 114 days devoted throughout the year to LGBT movements, whatever they may be at the moment.

This is absurd at the moment. There are currently 114 days in the year that are dedicated to the LGBT movement.

Soon, we will run out of time to use the virtue signal. What then?

I digress. The idea that corporations should spend 30 consecutive days promoting the LGBT movement strikes most people as absurd. Although it is true that not everyone will say that out loud, I don’t think there is any bigotry in noting something which could be objectively deemed absurd. Is it possible that the CEO of a company making cookies or televisions cares about Pride Month?

You will respond, “Well, why would you care?” “Yes, but that’s from the same people who are unable to comprehend why corporations don’t comment on left-wing narratives (see: Florida Parental Rights in Education Law). So I find their sudden respect for corporate communication rather convenient.

Musk is a push-button kind of guy. It’s not clear how well this will serve Musk in the long term, but we can enjoy the entertainment. He is still a left-winger, as can be seen in his anti-gun stances. But he is a master at trolling the left.


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