Illinois School Will Require Teachers to Grade Based on Race


Illinois school instructs teachers to adjust their grading practices based on race.

Oak Park and River Forest High School school board members approved a plan for “equalizing” testing scores between different racial groups. Many would assume that “equalizing test scores between racial groups” means providing extra tutoring, mentoring, and other learning tools for minority students.

Not at OPRF.

At a May 26 meeting, school board members debated the plan called “Transformative Education Professional Development & Grading”, presented by Laurie Fiorenza, Assistant Superintendent for student learning.

To equalize test scores across racial groups, OPRF has ordered its teachers to remove from their grading assessments variables that it believes disproportionally harm the grades of black students. According to the plan, they will not be penalized for failing to submit assignments or missing classes, as well as misbehaving at school.

This proposal, which spans ten pages, outlines bullet points that can be used to grade race according to a system of grading. It seems there is no shame or irony in the process.

When it comes to the treatment of minority learning abilities by liberals, we refer to “the soft bias of low expectations”.

This isn’t “soft bigotry”. It is blatant and outright bigotry.

If I was told that they are lowering standards for my children’s education because they are black, my loving, educated mind would be lost. Biden claimed that election integrity laws are the new Jim Crow, however, the “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Agenda” is really Jim Crow disguised as progress. It segregates students based on race and gives preference and consideration based on race.

If you don’t think that’s racist, I have an innocent nuclear power station in Iran for sale.


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