Emmanuel Macron of France Gives Facts About Joe Biden’s Insane Energy Policies


Germany is experiencing a sea of mediocrity as the G7 leaders, Joe Biden included, come together to virtue signal abortion and climate change. It’s also making your life more difficult. There will be many tone-deaf statements and pictures, but no real-world problems solved. This is the G7 in its simplest form.

Even among the Eurotrash, which makes up the majority of nations in the group, they are limited by their ability to absorb the huge oil shortage that is sweeping the globe. France’s Emmanuel Macron spoke out against Biden on the subject of his crazy energy policies. It was one of those moments when you have to be embarrassed at how much the French know about reality better than the US president.

You can see that the US has fallen from its lofty position when Macron has to speak up as an advocate for reason. Joe Biden is singularly responsible for this decline. Even in the face of a global energy crisis that is causing turmoil across the globe and could potentially cost millions of lives because of food shortages and exposure, the president remains as detached as ever.

Biden’s plan to fix everything, with $5 per gallon of gasoline? To plead with the Saudis, Emiratis, and other countries to produce more oil halfway around the world. Macron points out that they are at or close to full capacity. A lemon can only get so much juice. The president is refusing to address the problem of refinery capacity. These are facts any president that isn’t a senile old coot ought to be aware of. Yet, it’s up to the French president to educate him. It’s worse, Biden doesn’t appear to have been able to comprehend what was said. It’s embarrassing to see.

To add to this masterpiece of stupidity, Biden spent two years trashing Saudi Arabia and cozying up to Iran over the past two years. This means that even though the Saudis have more production capacity, they don’t have enough for it to matter. They probably wouldn’t offer it anyway. This is how stupid the president’s foreign policies have been. This absolute mental moron has been a complete idiot for 50 years. It’s not surprising that he would make the same mistakes again.

In the meantime, in the United States, states like North Dakota, Texas, and Alaska have mountains of oil reserves that are just waiting for their turn. Instead of asking Islamofascist dictatorships to get oil, we should use our domestic oil supply to control the global oil market. Biden won’t do it, however, as it would go against his green agenda. We can’t allow Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to get upset. This means that you will suffer as he slobbers in Germany doing nothing to help everyday Americans.

Record energy prices, canceled pipelines, and frozen oil leases. This is Biden’s legacy and he cannot escape it. He will, hopefully, pay a heavy price in November as well as in 2024.


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