Howard Stern Says He May Run for President, Wants to End Electoral College


Howard Stern, shock-jock and shock-jock, suggested that it might be time to run for president in the wake of Roe v. Wade’s Supreme Court ruling. He also revealed several items on his political checklist.

The SiriusXM host stated Monday that “I’m going to probably have the need to run for president now”, during the “Howard Stern Show”.

Stern stated that he would end the Electoral College, a long-standing source of angst among liberals if he runs for office. Nevertheless, Stern could not do this unilaterally if he was president.

Stern stated, “I will do the very simple thing that will set the country straight: one voter, one person.”

Stern’s radical desire to dismantle the U.S. electoral process was fueled by the claim that Donald Trump lost the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton.

Stern stated that a man who loses the vote wins the election. “How can we continue to elect people who have lost the election for so long?”

Stern stated that presidents face a problem because their agendas are too large at one point. Stern’s agenda, though vague in scope and scope, is smaller.

He declared, “The only agenda that I would have is for the country to be fair again,” before launching into criticism of conservative Supreme Court justices.

Stern first targeted Clarence Thomas. Stern described him as a “dormant Darth Vader” who was waiting for “other kooks to join the Court.” Stern also stated that Roe v. Wade should be overturned. He cited women who discover their child has birth defects, women raped, and the questionable quality or some forms of contraception.

Stern stated, “The other thing, if I do run as president, and I’m f —–g about, I’m really considering it — because the other thing that I’m going do is appoint five additional Supreme Court justices.”

These were his first public remarks on abortion after the Supreme Court’s decision.

Should he run for president, it would not be the first time Stern has thrown his hat in the political ring. In 1994, the radio and television personality ran as a libertarian in New York’s gubernatorial race. However, Stern would later drop out after the state Supreme Court signaled to Stern that he would have to disclose his personal finances in order to run for office.

Stern stated last year that if he faced Trump in 2024, he would beat his a –.”

It is clear that Howard Stern has lost his mind because he couldn’t beat Donald Trump’s a– if he tried. He should stick to interviewing slutty celebrities and stay in his lane.


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