Environmental Groups Keep Pushing Extreme Measures Amid Global Energy Crisis


Even in the midst of a global energy crisis, environmental groups continue to support and protest extreme policies for combating climate change. The Green New Deal, which calls for divestment of fossil fuel projects, and banning oil-and gas production, has been pushed by a number of organizations, including the Sierra Club and Greenpeace. However, millions of people around the world are facing high energy prices and shortfalls in fuel supplies, which were largely triggered by Russia’s invasion.

The average gasoline and diesel fuel prices in the United States hit new highs this month. However, high natural gas prices will likely push electricity prices higher this summer. Russia’s control over the continent’s natural resources has forced European countries to increase their coal dependence.

In light of the current price and supply instabilities, some Democrats and Republicans are calling for increased domestic oil and gas production.

The Sierra Club continues to support the end of coal power, and the blocking of oil and gas project development. It has also argued that banks should stop financing fossil fuel projects, and that the federal government should end leasing public lands to oil firms.

The group’s website states that oil and gas drilling should not be allowed to threaten public lands and waters. We work to protect these places from legislative attacks and federal regulatory rollbacks, which could open them up for exploitation by fossil fuel companies.

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Greenpeace has also made similar arguments in the U.S., and around the globe, calling for immediate curbs on fossil fuel use and divestment.

Greenpeace activists scaled a building at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity in France to protest sponsorships and fossil fuel ads. This group was one of many that signed a petition to the European Commission in support of banning fossil fuel ads.

The group also called for the end of nuclear-powered electricity generation, despite the fact that it is a renewable energy source. Around 25% of European electricity generation is generated by nuclear, while 19% of American electricity generation comes from nuclear.

According to the American Action Forum, the Sunrise Movement has been pushing lawmakers to pass the Green New Deal. This climate package, which is backed by progressives both in the House of Senate, would cost taxpayers tens to trillions over a decade.

The Sunrise Movement tried to unseat Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas), in May. Cuellar has taken a more moderate stance on oil and natural gas development than most of his fellow Democrats. Prakash stated that Cuellar was “fundamentally wrongly aligned” with the Democratic Party values.

Cuellar, along with three other House Democrats, asked President Joe Biden to increase oil production in a May mail. A letter was also signed by Cuellar, a Texas lawmaker, asking President Joe Biden to allow oil exports to continue.

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The League of Conservation Voters (LCV), which has called for an absolute ban on offshore drilling, demanded that policymakers ensure that more than 80% of fossilfuels are not burned, and urged Congress to pass big-spending climate legislation through reconciliation. This process allows passage with a simple majority.

In March, the LCV released its annual “national environment scorecard”, which ranks federal legislators’ climate voting records. This report rated lawmakers who voted against more fossil fuel drilling and the Keystone XL Pipeline as lower-ranking.


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