Establishment Joe Biden Polls Better Than Socialist Bernie Sanders In 2024


According to a Thursday Emerson College survey, President Joe Biden, an Establishment Democrat, is doing better than Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), in a possible 2024 matchup with former President Donald Trump.

The poll revealed that Trump leads Biden by 46% to 43% in hypothetical match-ups with Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, while Sanders is at 45% to 40%.

Although Sanders stated that he would not be interested in challenging Biden in the 2024 Democrat primaries, polling has shown that many Democrats don’t want Biden running for office. Biden’s low support among Democrats could make it possible for the socialist to run. He failed to win the Democrat nomination in 2016 and 2020.

Sanders failed to overthrow the Democrat establishment in the past. Trump, however, was able to do so in 2016. After a crucial endorsement by Rep. Jim Clyburn, Sanders agreed to give Biden the nomination in 2020. In exchange, Sanders was elected to be the chair of the Senate Budget Committee.

Biden dismissed polls and claimed that Democrats support his candidacy. Joe Biden stated on July 12 that “they [Democrats] want my to run” for 2024. “Read the polls. Jack, read the polls.

Public opinion favors Trump if Biden and Trump both announce 2024 campaigns. Multiple polls show that Trump is ahead of Biden in a possible head-to-head race.

Trump spoke with New York Magazine last Wednesday to say that he had already decided to launch a 2024 campaign, but that he is still unsure when he will announce it. Trump indicated that he was considering whether to make an announcement before or after November’s midterm elections.

Trump stated that he had made the decision to run for president in 2024. Trump doubled down, saying that he had already made the decision. “I would say that my biggest decision will be whether or not I go before [the midterms].

Emerson College polled 1,078 respondents between July 19-20, with a +/– 2.9 margin of error.


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