Facts Get Dropped After Noted View Grifter Alyssa Farah Accuses Ron DeSantis of Grifting


We previously reported on Alyssa Farah’s infamous grifter, who is currently auditioning to be the “conservative” sub-host of “The View”. The topic that day was about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis building a large war chest ahead of a possible 2024 Presidential run.

Farah, in the segment, accused his campaign of defrauding supporters – with no evidence. He claimed that he used an “auto-donate button” on the donation page. This button is used to create recurring donations. She called it a “grift” without any self-awareness.

Farah’s claim is flawed, at least in DeSantis’ case. His donation page is not set up like that. DC Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy pointed this out with receipts around an hour after the video was posted to Twitter.

Monday’s response was also provided by DeSantis. He said that the claim was false and added that it was important that Republicans raise money for their own people in an honest manner.

They tried to make it seem like I was doing this. Then, some media members said, “Wait, he’s not doing that.” They were lying about it. That is not what we do.

You know that there are people who, at the end of it all, have limited incomes and will give a certain amount. That’s very significant. It’s not possible for everyone to write such large [campaign contributions]. You can see why. We’re excellent stewards. We would not do automatic stewardship if you, the contributor, did not press that button.

It’s important that Republicans raise money for their own constituents in an honest way. My name is being used as a trick to get people to donate money for something they don’t want to do. This is absolutely wrong.


Hilariously, Farah wrote a tweet the day after her debunking. She set it up so that only her followers could respond to it. Farah also included a link to a 2021 New York Times article she claimed proved the same point she made on “The View.” But the article does not contain any information about the DeSantis campaign’s fundraising practices. It only contains Trump’s alleged practices.

This is a simple statement, but it’s what I will say anyway: Grifters are gonna grift. Alyssa Farah, sorry but not sorry. All this was your fault.


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