Fauci Vents About Americans’ Opposition To Forced Masking


Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday night that many Americans view forced masking policies in violation of their liberties.

Fauci, President Biden’s chief physician adviser and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID-19), expressed concern over Americans’ resistance to forced masking and the COVID-19 vaccination. Fauci called individuals’ concern about such policies “inexplicable.”

Fauci observed that people are often told to use masks in indoor congregate settings when they’re in high-risk areas. This is not a good idea.

He said, “We’ve never experienced that before.” It’s almost unfathomable.

Fauci lamented, before he made his remarks on mask mandates that while most Americans have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and have received booster shots, the vast majority have not.

Fauci stated that there are people who won’t get vaccinated because of anti-vax reasons or simply because they’re being told to. “We are in a very difficult position.”

“67% of our population is vaccinated. Fauci said that half of those are boosted. That means that a third of all people in the country have been vaccinated and are properly boosted. What could this be? You have a deadly disease that has killed 1 million Americans, and you are hesitant to use a life-saving treatment that is both a vaccine or booster.

“It seems as if — in what world are you living?”

According to Johns Hopkins University data, new COVID-19 cases have stabilized at between 300-400 cases for every million people in the past few months. This is a significant improvement from the January peak of 2,396 cases to a million. Since April, COVID-19 deaths have been below 1.70 per million.

Nearly 80% have had one dose of vaccine, while 67% have been fully vaccinated. 32% have received boosters and 10% have chosen to get a second booster.

Fauci suggested recently that the pandemic would not end anytime soon.

Fauci stated to Politico that “I believe we’re going be living with it.”

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