FBI Agent Canned for Political Bias Put Top Witness Against Bidens on Ice


The FBI’s situation with Timothy Thibault is getting worse as we learn more. We first reported that Thibault was expelled from the FBI for political bias. He was escorted by headquarters officials. Thibault was accused of trying to bury the Hunter Biden probe as early as 2019, in order to help Joe Biden become president.

Chuck Ross from the Free Beacon found out more about Thibault’s handling of Tony Bobulinksi. Bobulinski is a former Hunter Biden associate, who claimed that Joe Biden was “the big man”. This latest report claims Thibault placed Bobulinski on ice, who could have ended the corrupt scheme.

According to sources familiar with the matter, a former FBI official was accused of shutting down a portion of Hunter Biden’s investigation. He was “running point” in bureau dealings with a key witness in that probe.

Tony Bobulinski, the witness, is now concerned that Timothy Thibault, the former FBI official, helped conceal information about his dealings and relationships with the Biden family. Sources told the Washington Free Beacon. Thibault, who was fired last week by the FBI amid whistleblower allegations that Thibault shut down an investigation into a “derogatory” avenue about Hunter Biden in Oct 2020, has resigned. Thibault’s anti-Trump remarks on social media were the subject of Senate Republicans’ scrutiny earlier in the year.

After his now-famous accusations against President Trump, Bobulinski was interviewed for the first time in 2020. He has not had contact with the FBI since the beginning of 2021. The FBI is still allegedly investigating Hunter Biden. If the bureau were serious, you would think that there would be more contact. Thibault may have been fired because of this lack of contact.

It is clear that FBI investigations involving politically sensitive issues have been handled in a very different way over the past decade. As early as last spring, there was talk of the FBI supporting Hunter Biden in order to prevent him from influencing the mid-term elections. The FBI raided Donald Trump’s house just days before the DOJ policy that would supposedly prevent such politically powerful moves was implemented.

Despite the seriousness and close connections Bobulinski has with the Bidens, he has not been asked by a grand jury to testify about his knowledge. Thibault prevented that? Although it’s possible, I believe the rot is much deeper. It’s impossible for one person to conduct this investigation for many years without others being aware and participating.

Another big question is: Will the FBI take this investigation seriously now? Thibault was expelled for reasons. There are signs that things have improved. It is still a mystery why it took so long, considering they have had the laptop since 2019. The investigation was started in 2018 and ended in 2018. Why is this happening? What’s the deal? Is the FBI going to sit around and wait until Biden is gone? This alone would indicate political bias.

While we can only pray that justice is done, no one should hold their breath.


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