Fetterman Decimates Anti-Israel Activists With Best Common Sense Take You May See on Israel-Hamas War

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

I reported earlier this week how Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) blasted South Africa for filing a case against Israel for genocide in Gaza when he spoke at a luncheon of the Orthodox Union Advocacy Center.

He told South Africa that they should just “sit this one out” and focus on its own country. Some interpreted that also as calling out South Africa over its own problems with the alleged genocide of white farmers. 

But he had a lot more to say, ripping into the activists, and demanding to know why weren’t they asking about the hostage and protesting Hamas’ actions? 

“They’re blocking tunnels, they’re blocking roads,” Fetterman said. “Why? Why aren’t they protesting, ‘When will we get the hostages back home?’ Why aren’t they protesting Hamas? Why aren’t they protesting systemic rape and torture of Israeli women and children?

“I don’t get it.”

He also ripped apart those who argue that Israel must negotiate with terrorists or who try to tie their hands from defending themselves with a gripping analogy. 

Referring to the rapes and atrocities committed against Israel, Fetterman said Wednesday, “I have a 12-year-old daughter. If someone did that to my daughter, would you want me to sit down at a table and negotiate with them? Never. I would never ask for Israel to do that as well.”

Taking his support for Israel further, Fetterman said the country has the right to fully take on Hamas and noted that every Hamas terrorist that is killed is “one more step” toward peace.

He’s so right and that’s “peace through strength” — the only way you can deal with terrorists is to take them all out. You can’t reason with them. They don’t see reason and they still want to wipe out Israel. They would love to wipe us out, too, if they could. 

They had peace and ceasefires before. They broke them to keep attacking. 

But Fetterman gets this more than any Democrat I’ve seen, certainly more than milquetoast Joe Biden who wants to tie Israel’s hands. And Fetterman hasn’t been afraid to call out his colleagues on the left on the subject. 

Recognizing the “blowback” he has received from some members of his party for his support for Israel, Fetterman said, “Great. I welcome the smoke then.”

That’s not the only issue that Fetterman has called out the left and his own party on. Fetterman has also waded into the fray saying something has to be done about the border crisis. 

“It’s a reasonable conversation — until somebody can say there’s an explanation on what we can do when 270,000 people are being encountered on the border, not including the ones, of course, that we don’t know about,” Fetterman told the outlet. “To put that in reference, that is essentially the size of Pittsburgh, the second-largest city in Pennsylvania.”

He’s previously called out Harvard as having always been a little “pinko,” but now being almost unrecognizable. 

He may turn out to be the most sensible Democrat of them all if he keeps going like this. 


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