WATCH: Pro-Hamas Crew Attempts to Storm WH Grounds; DC Police in Riot Gear, Secret Service Engaging

Pro-Hamas rioters engaging with D.C. police, Secret Service at White House fence, January 13, 2024. (Credit: Julio Rosas, used with permission)

The anti-Israel crew did a “March on Washington for Gaza” on Saturday. 

There were multiple troubling aspects of the march. 

First, waving a Palestinian flag from atop American memorials, to folks like Casimir Pulaski, is disturbing. 

But that was just the start of the disturbing visuals. The activists set off smoke bombs and spread “dead” baby dolls outside the White House fence. 

They also began pushing against the White House security fence so violently, that they almost brought it down–and they kept pushing at it. 

The White House had riot police behind the fence. The police had to rush to hold up the fence or the rioters might have brought it down. 

The rioters were throwing things at the Secret Service and the police. 

There were also videos of multiple men carrying an Islamic Jihad flag. 

This development is more than a little concerning. We will keep you posted.


  1. Deport, exile & make them foot the bill for these “DEMONstrations”… If they need to “DEMONstrate”, let them go to Gaza to do it…

  2. So when do we hear of the Jan.13 insurrection actions. Oh wait they are the democrats base, so no video surveillance tracking down. What about the equality? What is good for Jan.6, should follow line with Jan.13.


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