Fetterman Yells At Oz During Closing Statements


John Fetterman, the U.S. Senate Candidate (D), yelled at Dr. Mehmet O Tuesday night during the Republican challenger’s final statements of the debate.

After suffering a stroke in January, Fetterman was subject to scrutiny about his fitness to be an office holder. He has shown that he can sometimes struggle to understand words and have difficulty speaking.

Fetterman struggled repeatedly throughout the night. He often gave rambling answers that didn’t make sense, that was rushed and anxious, and did not answer the questions.

Oz stated, “He had spoken to many couples who wanted to put down their first down payment for a house.” “However, they couldn’t afford it due to rising interest rates.”

Fetterman shouted out of the blue, “You want social security cut!”

“Mr. Fetterman, it’s his turn for his closing,” the debate moderator fired back at Fetterman.


Fetterman yells “YOU WANT TO CUT SOCIAL SECURITY” during Dr. Oz’s closing statement. pic.twitter.com/8QLPlbo6ZO

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) October 26, 2022

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