NYC Grandfather Who Was Pushed Onto Subway Tracks Weeps, Begs Mayor to Do Something About Rising Crime


According to the New York Post, Ronald Baptiste, a grandfather of 62 years was punched and pushed onto the Bronx subway tracks. This is believed to have been a “knockout” attack. Baptiste wept Tuesday as he described the attack and pleaded with Eric Adams, NYC Mayor, to do more to stop similar attacks.

Wikipedia states that the “knockout game” is a term used in the United States to describe an assault in which someone (with other accomplices or lookouts), attempts to cause an unconscious victim’s consciousness to drop with one sucker punch. These assaults are similar to happy slapping, which is a European trend that uses cameras to record assaults. This type of assault can also be called ‘knockout’, ‘knockout King’, ‘point’ em out, ‘knock ’em all out, and polar bearing. These terms are used when the victim is white, but the assailants are not.

Baptiste an electrician said, “Everybody talks the talk, but no one’s walking it. It’s becoming more dangerous for innocent persons trying to get there and back.”

He said that he had paid $2.75 to MTA so that a man could slap me in the head and throw me into the middle of the tracks.

“I want to feel safe and able to go on the subway.”

You could have a million police officers on the subway but if you don’t remove the homeless and criminals, there will never be a safe system. You don’t need to build a lot of homeless shelters. Get them off the subway.

Baptiste stated, “It’s so embarrassing people recognize that New York City is a crime capital.”

Baptiste was heading to work Sunday morning when Deshaun Smith, 21 years old, allegedly passed him and hit him in the head. Smith then allegedly shoved Baptiste onto tracks before running away.

He was arrested Monday by police after he was found. He is currently being held on Rikers Island with $20,000 cash bail.

One of a series of recent attacks on transit stations is the attack at the 149th Street 4-train Station.

Baptiste stated, “Look at all the incidents we’ve had on trains.”

He said, “My message to Mayor is to stop talking.” Actions speak louder than words. He has the resources to fix the subway system. Let’s get it done and make the citizens feel safe again using the subway.

“Mr. You talk to the media, but there is no improvement. New Yorkers don’t feel safe.”

According to court papers, Smith claimed that he punched Baptiste out of self-defense. His victim laughed at this assertion, as did the prosecutors.

Baptiste stated, “What he did was attempted murder.” “I could have hit my head and got a concussion.” “I could have become a vegetable.” “I could have been struck by a train.”

“He said he was provoked? That’s not true,” he said. “That’s crazy


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