Fired CNN Hack Brian Stelter Scores Sweet Harvard Gig, Musing About Threats to Democracy


The headline sums it all up. The unceasing hyperpartisanship displayed by Brian Stelter, former CNN “Reliable Sources”, host, to the state’s once prestigious universities.

The Harvard Kennedy School announced that Stelter will be joining the Shorenstein Center in Fall 2022 as the Walter Shorenstein Media and Democracy Fellow. According to the Kennedy School, Stelter will discuss a variety of “important policies” and “current issues.”

Stelter, as the Walter Shorenstein Fellow, will host a series of discussions on threats to democracy and possible responses from the news media. These conversations with policymakers, journalists, politicians, Kennedy School students, fellows, and faculty will deepen public understanding and scholarly appreciation of the current state and impact of the information ecosystem on democratic governance.

Brian Stelter, a nationally-recognized media reporter, is an expert on journalism’s state and the wide-reaching consequences for society and governance. He was the anchor for “Reliable Sources” from August 2022 to August 2022, which covered the top news stories of the week on CNN. He also served as the chief media correspondent at CNN Worldwide.

Did I mention that this is not from my favorite satire website, The Babylon Bee?

Stelter will feel at home at Harvard elitist Harvard, perhaps even more than in his chair at The Trusted Name in News, where he was unceremoniously kicked out as part of Chris Licht’s plan for CNN to “return to journalism” and actually cover the news accurately. Stelter might feel like a pig in soup, but that would be strange.

After all these years Mr. After all these years, Mr. Potato Head finally got the job he wanted — and it’s more secure based on Harvard’s current state. A survey by Harvard Crimson conducted in July found that less than two percent of Harvard faculty are conservative.


Brian Stelter is not relevant. This “news” is yet another sign of the decline of once-honored halls of academia. Contrary to Stelter’s insignificance, America’s institutions for (once-higher) learning have been replaced by radical leftist elitist ideology. This matters more than many of us may think.

The hierarchy of the left begins with liberal elites, who exploit and/or employ useful idiots in Congress, also known as “mainstream media,” which then pushes left-wing ideology to low-information Democrat voters. Although I am not a conspiracy theorist I have seen enough evidence of this hierarchy in action to believe it isn’t.

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