Census Failure Helps Democrats In 2022 And 2024 Elections


WASHINGTON, DC – New research has revealed that the U.S. Census Bureau for 2020 overcounted the population in Democrat states while undercounting in Republican states. This resulted in wins for the Democrat Party for congressional reapportionment, and an unmerited boost to the Electoral College in the 2024 presidential election.

Conservatives are clamouring for answers as they look forward to the 2022 elections, which are just 50 days away.

According to the Constitution’s Census Clause, every ten years, a census must be taken to count the population of the United States. These totals are used to determine the number of seats each state holds in Congress, the lines of each federal and state legislative districts in each state, and the number of votes each state can have in the Electoral College in order to elect the president each four years.

A survey by the Census Bureau shows that workers in Texas, Arkansas, Florida and Mississippi undercounted residents. This survey also shows that workers have overcounted people from Delaware, Hawaii and Massachusetts as well as New York, Ohio and Rhode Island.

Every state that is not included in the above list is reliable Republican territory for presidential elections. This includes Florida, which is home to Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. However, every state overcounted except for two – Ohio or Utah – has consistently voted for Democrats during recent elections.

Florida will lose two U.S. House Seats it should have won, and Texas will be deprived of one House Seat. These numbers also have an impact on how many votes these two states have in Electoral College.

Hans von Spakovsky of American Constitutional Rights Union and Heritage Foundation wrote that if a Florida politician decides to run in 2024 for the presidency, his or her home state will lose two votes in Electoral College. “When the new session of Congress convenes in January 2023,” said Hans von Spakovsky. “Florida will be without two congressional seats which it is entitled to.”

Von Spakovsky noted also that Rhode Island’s 5.05 percent overcount allowed it to retain a seat in the House of Representatives to which it is not entitled under the Constitution. The same can be said for Minnesota, which was 3.84 percent overcounted.

Contrary to the 2020 failures, 2010’s census had an error rate only 0.01 percent. These 2020 failures are not explained by anyone. They also benefit the Democrat Party.

Meanwhile, there are major electoral fights brewing in court. Two cases are due to be heard at the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court will hear Merrill V. Madigan, on October 4, during the first week of its new annual term. This case concerns whether Alabama’s new districts violate the federal Voting rights Act of 1965.

Moore v. Harper will be decided by the Supreme Court a few months later. This clause states that each state has to hold elections for Senators and Representatives. The challengers argue that each state’s legislature is the highest authority. However, each side claims that while legislators can pass laws, those laws are subject to court litigation and each state’s supreme courts have the final word.

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