Florida Supreme Court Upholds Governor Ron DeSantis’s Firing of Soros-Backed Prosecutor

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Once in a while, it’s good to take a look at Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis just keeps notching up the wins. In the latest such event, the Florida Supreme Court handed the governor a win when they upheld his August 2023 firing of Soros-backed State Attorney Monique Worrel

The Florida Supreme Court ruled in favor of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ decision to remove a Soros-backed prosecutor on Thursday.
DeSantis had suspended State Attorney Monique Worrel in August 2023, accusing her of “dereliction of duty” when it comes to crime. Worrel sued for reinstatement, arguing her removal was an “arbitrary, unsubstantiated exercise of the suspension power.” Thursday’s 6-1 ruling shut down her plans.
“We cannot agree with Worrel that the allegations in the Executive Order are impermissibly vague, nor that they address conduct that falls within the lawful exercise of prosecutorial discretion,” the opinion read.
“We have said that a suspension order does not infringe on a state attorney’s lawful exercise of prosecutorial discretion where it alleges that such discretion is, in fact, not being exercised in individual cases but, rather, that generalized policies have resulted in categorical enforcement practices,” the majority opinion reads.

The opinion reads like the state attorney in question, Monique Worrel, was judging cases not individually but by creating categories of not offenses but offenders, some of whom, as the saying goes, were more equal than others. As a matter of principle, a prosecutor, in general, has the discretion to prosecute individual cases based on the merits of the case, which may encompass everything from evidence gathered to the age of the perp, prior record, and so on — but those cases must be judged individually, which does not appear to be the criteria used by Monique Worrel.

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During his presidential campaign last year, the governor commented:

The practices and policies of her office have allowed murderers, other violent offenders, and dangerous drug traffickers to receive extremely reduced sentences and escape the full consequences of their criminal conduct. In some cases, these offenders have evaded incarceration altogether.

As far as the Soros connection, Worrel had, during her 2020 campaign, received $1.5 million in support from “Our Vote Our Voice,” which is funded in part by George Soros’s “Democracy Now.”

It’s important to note that Florida is a popular destination for those fleeing liberal jurisdictions like San Francisco and New York, in part because of lower taxes and regulations but also, it’s certain, due to the fact that Florida proposes not to send crooks through a revolving door but instead into the crowbars, and the governor is willing to hand walking papers to any state attorney who isn’t down with the plan.

This isn’t the first such firing by Governor DeSantis. In August 2022, he suspended Hillsborough Country State Attorney Andrew Warren, who said he would not enforce Florida’s abortion ban. That firing was also upheld by the courts.

Keep it up, Governor DeSantis. This is the way. Keep winning, and one day, we all expect to see you take the big chair.


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