Gay Love Affair and Guilty Conviction for Chrisley Knows Best Stars Julie and Todd


Did Todd Chrisley Cheat on Julie?

Todd Chrisley has allegedly cheated on Julie with his ex-business partner. They hired a blackmailer to conceal the affair

According to Business Insider Mark Braddock testified Tuesday in the ongoing federal Fraud Trial against the Chrisleys. He said that he had been intimate with Todd (53), for about a year in 2000.

Braddock said that the affair was over and that they maintained a friendship until 2012 which he linked to a brotherhood.

Braddock was a member of Todd’s foreclosed management firm, Chrisley Asset Management. He stated that they began to receive text messages anonymously threatening them with fraud, and their alleged affair.

According to the report, Braddock said that one of his texts read: “Pay cash and then, we’ll shut up.”

He claimed he withdrew four payments of $9,500 from his account and gave it back to Todd to pay the blackmailer.

Bruce Morris, Chrisley’s lawyer, stated that Braddock was “obsessed” with Todd and wanted to be him in his opening statement. Business Insider reports that this sentiment was reiterated during cross-examination.

Page Six asked for comments from Todd and Morris. They did not immediately respond.

Todd, age 53, is married to Julie and has three children, Chase, Savannah, and Grayson. (Todd also has two children with Teresa Terry: Lindsie, 32, and Kyle, 31).

The family has been part of “Chrisley knows Best since 2014. ”

Since Todd was brought to the forefront of attention, there has been much speculation regarding Todd’s sexual orientation.

The real estate entrepreneur dismissed rumors that his gay identity was a matter of fact, “flattering” at one point.

He stated, “In order for it to disappoint me, it would mean that I don’t believe in homosexuality” on “The Domenick Nati Show” in 2017.

“I don’t believe it’s a choice that you make. I believe you were created in a God-given manner. ”

Todd stated that he was “flattered” that people thought he could be laid on both ends. He laughed and said, “My wife certainly feels humbled that as many men desire to be her husband than there are wives”. “I don’t believe there will ever be drought”.

Guilty of Federal Tax Evasion

Multiple reports claim that the couple, who stars in USA Network’s series Chrisley Knows Best, were both convicted by a federal jury in Atlanta of multiple bank fraud and tax evasion charges.

Sentencing takes place at 9:30 AM on October 6th. The couple may spend up to 30 consecutive years behind bars.

Federal prosecutors charged Todd and Julie Chrisley with conspiracy to commit bank fraud, bank fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and tax fraud. Julie Chrisley was further charged with wire fraud and obstruction of justice.

The couple is accused of defrauding a local bank of $30 million in loans. After the show began in 2014, they were accused of using 7C’s Productions as a way to avoid taxes.

Keri Farley, Special Agent in Charge at FBI Atlanta stated that “If you lie, cheat and steal, justice blinds as regards to your fame, fortune, and your position.” “In the end, when driven by greed, the verdict of guilty for all 3 defendants proves that financial crimes don’t pay,” (Peter Tarantino is the third defendant in this case).

The Chrisleys were released on bond. However, a court order from the judge states that they must participate in a location monitoring program. They must also pay for home detention, and are responsible for all or part of the costs of the program based upon their ability to pay as determined by the probation officer.


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