Republican Candidate for Michigan Governor Arrested by FBI on J6 Charges


Ryan Kelley was one of the few Republican candidates for Michigan governor. He was arrested by the FBI for participating in the January 6 protest.

Fascinating Facts:

The FBI received several tips regarding Kelley participating in the January 6 “Stop the Steal” rally.
Kelley was arrested Thursday and taken into FBI custody.
The FBI searched Kelley’s home but found no evidence that he entered the Capitol.

Kelly is accused of waving at the Capitol crowd. Kelly is charged with disorderly behavior, committing depredation of federal property, entering a restricted space unlawfully, and engaging in physical violence within a restricted zone.

It is not clear why the arrest was made at such a suspicious time. Five other Republican candidates were disqualified recently from running after signatures they submitted proved fraudulent. This included front-runner James Craig who was considered a serious threat to Gretchen Whitmer, the current commie governor.

Notable, too, is tonight’s primetime J6 clown-fest by the Democrats.

Ryan Kelley is among five Republican candidates who are still in the race.


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