Good Morning America Calls Ketanji Brown Jackson The First Black Supreme Court Justice


Good Morning America (GMA) falsely called Ketanji Jack the “first Black Supreme Court Judge of US History” in title to videos posted via multiple social networking platforms. The ABC television station has millions upon millions of subscribers and viewers.

GMA made a false statement in a YouTube video sent to its 4.08million subscribers. The caption read: “Ketanji is sworn in as the first Black Supreme Court Justice of American history.” This title was also posted on GMA’s Twitter account, which has 3.7 million followers. Thurgood Marshall, a black judge, was actually the first to be elected and was succeeded after his retirement by Clarence Thomas.

GMA issued a correction for the “erroneous Tweet” following deletion.

The YouTube video had over 10,000 views before the title was changed. Although Good Morning America quickly pointed out the error in the comments section, the tweet was still up for nearly five hours before it was deleted. Breitbart News reported on April’s mistake by Politico tweeting: “Ketanji will be confirmed to be the First Black Supreme Court Justice before the end the week.”

Later, the outlet rectified the error.

Breitbart News reported that Brown Jackson had sentenced child pornographers almost 60% less than the national average in March.

Jackson was also the child porn distribution case presiding judge. These sentences were 47% lower than the national average. Jackson sentenced child porn production 35% less than the national average.

Breitbart News documents show that Jackson sentenced the defendant below the guidelines for each child pornography case she heard. Jackson sentenced Jackson in all child pornography cases below or at the recommendation of the prosecutor. Jackson sentenced Jackson in all child pornography cases, except one that was on the recommendation of the probation officer.

Brown Jackson, a man who was sentenced for child porn, publicly thanked Marsha Blackburn for her sentence. Moreover, Brown Jackson didn’t explain what a woman was when Senator Marsha Blackburn (R.TN) asked her during a confirmation hearing. She claimed that she was not a biologist.


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