Google Manipulates Search Engine Results Against Republicans, Media Research Center Says


According to the Media Research Center, Google manipulates search engine results to harm Republicans in crucial Senate races.

After Real Clear Politics identified 12 races that are important to monitor, the Media Watchdog’s Free Speech America initiative analyzed them and called for Google to “end its war against democracy” and provide algorithmic transparency.

These results showed that the campaign websites of 10 Republicans in 12 close races were significantly lower than their opponents’ sites when compared to organic search results.

According to the MRC, seven Republican candidate websites were hidden completely from the first page Google search results. While Republicans were not visible, eight Democratic candidates had sites that were promoted within the first six Google search results.

When compared to other search engines, Google’s biases are obvious. The Media Research Center stated that Bing and DuckDuckGo show, with one exception, all 12 Democrat or Republican senate candidate websites in the top five organic search results.

“The Media Research Center calls on Google to end its war against democracy. The MRC stated that Google must demonstrate algorithmic transparency in order to regain the trust and respect of conservatives. This will show that candidates and liberal groups are treated the same as conservatives. “MRC also calls on members of Congress to protect America’s freedom speech rights. Congress should investigate Google search bias and its results regarding the midterm elections.

Google did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

These races were the “Top Senate Races” as of Oct. 7, 2022 according to Real Clear Politics. This includes key contests in Arizona and Colorado, Florida, Georgia. New Hampshire, North Carolina. Ohio. Pennsylvania. Washington.

Free Speech America by MRC aims to expose and combat “the systematic campaign against conservatives online by the Big Tech Companies.”

Google and other tech giants are long accused of favoring Democrats.

Freespoke was founded by Todd Ricketts, former chair of the Republican National Committee’s finance committee, as an alternative to Google. He believes that Americans have a “duty” to protect free speech. Ricketts stated that things such as the National Rifle Association were hidden on traditional search engines and he decided to take action.

TUSK, a conservative-friendly web browser that is free from censorship and emphasizes free speech, was also launched in the first quarter of this year.


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