GOP Gov. Kristi Noem Announces Largest Tax Cut In South Dakota History


Gov. Kristi Noem (Republican-State of Dakota), who is running for re-election in November’s midterms, announced that she would eliminate the South Dakota sales tax on grocery purchases, Fox News Digital was told by the governor’s offices.

Noem stated that the economic climate was a contributing factor to her decision to cut the tax.“South Dakotans work hard. They work hard every day to provide for their families. But the Biden administration’s policies have ruined their ability to feed their kids. Rising food and gas prices are affecting seniors, single mothers, and working parents. Noem stated that South Dakota will do right and protect its citizens from a dangerous White House.

According to the governor’s office, Noem’s decision not to repeal the grocery sales tax will result in a reduction of taxes for South Dakotans of $100 million.

According to the most recent Consumer Price Index (CPI), inflation increased to 8.3% in August from 8.2% in July, after reaching a 40-year high of 9.1% in June. According to the Federal Reserve of St. Louis data, the announcement stated that the price of a pound of ground meat has increased 25% since President Joe Biden was elected. A gallon of milk cost 20% more. A dozen eggs have increased by a staggering 113%.

Noem’s office showed how South Dakota salaries have grown since Noem took office.

Noem will be back on the ballot after she secured the governor’s office in 2019. She is fighting for her four-year term as South Dakota’s governor.


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