TN House GOP Formally Requests Vanderbilt Medical Halt Gender Surgeries on Minors


On Wednesday, Tennessee House Republicans requested that Vanderbilt University Medical Center(VUMC), which offers pediatric and adult transgender surgeries stop gender surgery on children, immediately.

Jason Zachary, Republican Representative of the State House signed a letter with 62 members to express concern over reports that “surgical mutilations” were being performed on minor children at VUMC’s Pediatric Transgender Clinic.

The letter stated that the Vanderbilt Pediatric Transgender Clinic’s practices are nothing but abuse.

The lawmakers requested that the VUMC Board of Directors take immediate action to stop all permanent gender-transitioning surgeries on minors.

VUMC should also honor “conscientious objectors” who are unable to undergo the surgery because of their religious beliefs.

“Tennesseans all across Tennessee have demanded swift responses and a call for action.” “We agree that these revelations demand the legislature to immediately act,” the letter stated.

After shocking videos showing a Vanderbilt doctor calling some transgender surgery “huge moneymakers”, a crowd of lawmakers demanded an investigation into Nashville’s pediatric gender clinic. A health law expert called the objections to transgender surgery “problematic.”

According to Matt Walsh, a expose by The Daily Wire, the clinic performs “gender-affirming” double mastectomy on minor girls. It also offers puberty blockers for minors and cross-sex hormones.

Walsh found a video in which a Vanderbilt doctor is seen emphasizing the dollar signs surrounding gender surgery.

It’s a lot. Dr. Shayne Sebold, VUMC Clinic for Transgender Health, stated that these surgeries can make a lot.

Taylor stated that double mastectomies “gender-affirming”, could make $40,000 and that a male-to-female phalloplasty could fetch upwards of $100,000.

Another doctor believes that opposing gender surgery should have “consequences.”

“I want you to understand that saying you won’t do something due to your religious beliefs does not come without consequences. It should have consequences,” Dr. Ellen Wright Clayton, Vanderbilt pediatrician, and law expert.

Clayton said, “If you don’t want to do that kind of work then don’t work for Vanderbilt.”

Zachary, who represents Knoxville, stated Wednesday that he is concerned by the hospital’s apparent desire to profit from the gender surgery.

Zachary stated Wednesday that it was deeply troubling to see Vanderbilt University Medical Center is motivated by profit in its practice of recommending life-altering and radical surgery for minors.

He said, “We expect Vanderbilt’s Board of Directors will simply do the right thing by choosing to protect and enhance the well-being of vulnerable children.”

The governor and the state legislators said last week that they are also in contact with each other to discuss legislative solutions. The office of Republican Governor Bill Lee stated that he has been in touch with top legislators about possible legislation.

“We shouldn’t allow permanent, life-altering decisions that harm children like the ones we saw at VUMC. The Governor is currently in communication with Leader Johnson, and Leader Lamberth, regarding legislative solutions. We look forward to working together with them and many other Tennesseans who care about protecting children,” Casey Sellers, a spokesperson for the governor, said last week to The Daily Wire in a statement.


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