Gov. Ron DeSantis Comments to Legacy Media After Smear Attempt: We Don’t Care What You Think Anymore


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis condemned the “legacy media” and Washington Post at Wednesday’s press conference. He said that “we don’t care anymore about what you think.”

DeSantis was questioned by Christina Pushaw, West Palm Beach Press Secretary if he had broken the Foreign Agents Registration Act. (FARA Act).

DeSantis described DeSantis’ article as a “smear” but stated that he was not deterred.

“I am not intimidated” by the smears by legacy media outlets. He stated that they only attack her because she does great work and is effective in calling out their lies and phony narratives.

He stated, “Whenever they are smearing somebody, you know they’re over their target, and they fear them. “If the Washington Post wasn’t writing puff pieces about me, I would be more worried.

Michael Sherwin was Pushaw’s lawyer. He stated that Pushaw had done voluntary work to advocate for former Georgian President Miikheil Saakashvili. He is close with Volodymyr Zelenskyy. It was also necessary for free and democratic elections in Georgia.

Sherwin said that she was paid $25,000 for her work over two years.

“The work was completed by 2020. The DOJ informed Ms. Pushaw that her work for Mr. Saakashvili needed FARA registration. Ms. Pushaw applied immediately for retroactivity registration. ”

DeSantis also criticized the media for pushing hate pieces against his administration.

“I believe that what we need to understand is that legacy D.C. outlets, as well as New York outlets, are liars. It doesn’t matter how you think. We can continue moving forward for the people in Florida.”

He stated, “It was an absurd attempt at smear and it will have absolutely zero effect on what we’re doing here, in our office.”

Pushaw said, “It’s a blessing to be able to work with someone who doesn’t care what legacy media thinks about him, his agenda, or his team.” FARA stands for transparency. My experiences in Eastern Europe have been transparent and open to all. This was many months before I started working for Gov. DeSantis. “

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