Joy Behar Says Republicans Will Ban Guns When Black People Finally Get Some


What happens if black Americans own firearms? Joy Behar has an answer.

The View’s Wednesday edition featured gun controls. Or at the very least, tried.

Joy was invited by Sara Haines to be a co-host. Joy suggested a Tuesday discussion with Chris Murphy (Democrat of Connecticut). Joy set her sights on joining the GOP.

“Many Republican Party members have already stated, This is all about guns”.

Lindsey Granger (Republican guest host, on-air ringmaster at Sony Pictures’ Daily Blast Live, and former national correspondent at The List) interjected.

“Can you please tell me what this means for gun owners? “There are many people who own guns in this country and do so for the exact same reasons …”

Joy asked: “An AR-15?”

Lindsey continued:

Let me tell a story. A Connecticut man witnessed his neighbor’s home invasion. His entire family was killed.

They don’t. Many gun enthusiasts rely on legacy news sources to get their gun information.

A person with gun knowledge would not let go of relief when an irate criminal held them captive with a modern sporting rifle.

Most people are aware that handgun crimes are common. (It was not known which type of handgun was used in 3,281).

The US continues to wage war on the AR-15. It is not a weapon of war.

Joy urged for a catalyst to alter the Second Amendment stance of Republicans.

“Here is the deal: Gun laws in this country will change once blacks have guns. I’m sure”.

She said, “Trust me on that.” “We will see some action. ”

Regarding assertions — I believe she said one or more of the following statements:

Black Americans do not own guns

Black Americans can’t get guns

Republican politicians have a racist history

The NRA has racist

Members of the NRA are racist

Republican voters tend to be racist

A National Firearms Survey report on American gun ownership in 2021:

The Black population is 42% females and 58% males. Hispanics make up 28.3 percent of firearm owners. 19.4 percent have firearms among Asians. Whites own 34.3 percent of firearms.

Joy wants black Americans to have guns, and she gets it. There are many more Americans who own guns than she thought.

The NRA might one day find the same. They may already know. Joy might be shocked to learn about Colion Noir, an ex-NRA TV man, and online pro-2A advocate.

She may have been also shocked to discover about Lindsey Granger, the black gun owner sitting next to her left who she seems to have ignored, or the subject of Lindsey.

But if Joy’s correct about Republicans and prejudice, she should expect GOP legislators to get busy banning scissors — just as soon as black Americans get those. Of 2019’s nearly-14,000 murders, 1,476 — over four times the known number involving rifles — were committed with “knives or cutting instruments.”

What happens to blacks who get hammers? Republicans may drop the hammer. Blunt objects were used to commit 397 murders. That’s 33 more than with rifles.

Conservatives may believe that all Americans should have access to the Second Amendment.

Perhaps, despite the long-time views of The View, some of those conservatives might be black,


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