Grieving Families Demand Action From The Biden Admin On The Fentanyl Crisis


Washington, D.C. — On Saturday, hundreds marched in Washington to demand action from the Biden administration. They demanded that officials educate the public and warn them more about illicit fentanyl so they can stop it from crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

April Babcock is the founder of Lost Voices of Fentanyl and led the march that saw Austen die. Babcock told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the Biden administration must step in to stop this from happening again.

Fentanyl in doses as low as 2 mg can cause death for the average person. Fentanyl has been responsible for over 108,000 drug-related deaths by 2021, according to data from CDC. The drug has been hidden in pills that look similar to prescription drugs in Mexico by the Sinaloa cartel and Jalisco New Generation cartels to deliberately trick Americans.

The drug cartels use drugs largely made in China to mass-produce the pills.

Biden’s drug control strategy is focused on drug trafficking and untreated addiction. It is a collaboration between drug users, border officials, and foreign partners to stop illegal narcotics from flowing.

“Oh my gosh, at least do a public awareness campaign,” Babcock said. “It has to come from your White House down. Label the cartels a foreign terrorist organization. We want illicit fentanyl and its analogs on a weapon of mass destruction list. That’s what they need to do.”

“There are stockpiles of fentanyl in America,” Babcock said. “Where is it? Who can get their hands on it? Then we have cartel hubs all across the United States. Do they have stockpiles of fentanyl? When is it gonna get into our water supply? Our air supply?”

Stephanie, a mother who lost her 16-year-old son Kyle, traveled from Fort Worth, Texas, to support her grieving family. Stephanie also said that the White House should declare fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction.

Stephanie said, “You must stop and make it WMD. “We are literally on land, and we’re being executed. ”

In her message to President Obama, she said that people are getting fake drugs and are being tricked into believing they’re dying.

One Boston father criticized the Biden administration’s claim about the U.S. Mexico Border, where nearly 10,100 pounds of Fentanyl had been seized between October 2021 and July 2022, being “secure.” ”

To the DCNF, he said that “when the border’s open”, he meant. He added that Connor had been killed by fentanyl.

He stated, “Do your work, haven’t even been across a border, it’s absurd.”

Derek Maltz, a former head of the DEA Special Operations Division believes that attention should be given to the Department of Education as well as the Biden administration. They are able to tackle the Mexican cartel problem.

Maltz told the DCNF that the current administration was not talking about the issue at the right level. “The DEA is the only agency that is reporting on this crisis. It’s a national emergency unlike any we’ve ever witnessed in our country’s past. ”

Maltz said that the Mexican cartels are the enemy of children because we have never seen any terrorist organization in Mexico’s history. Our government doesn’t speak.

Babcock said that America is dependent upon time.

“Save America, Save Our Youth! We’re Going To Turn Around in 10 years, Where Are They Going? She stated, “This is our Future, This is Our Generation.” They’re dying. A Texas fourth grader just died.

The White House did not immediately respond to the request for comment.


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