Trump Mar-a-Lago Saga Takes An Unexpected Turn


According the Associated Press, a document filed in court last month in connection with the FBI investigation into former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate appears to have been filed in the docket from a serial forger kept in a North Carolina federal prison complex.

It was filed Monday afternoon and is still on Friday afternoon. The document claimed that sensitive documents had been seized by the Treasury Department in connection with the Aug.8 raid on Mar-a-Lago. It claimed that the Treasury Department had seized sensitive documents in connection to the Aug.8 raid at Mar-a-Lago.

The Washington Examiner reports that a federal statute was referenced in the document regarding the collection of financial records during investigations. Two warrants were also included in the document. One was to a Michigan towing firm and one to CNN Atlanta.

These alleged warrants were however identical to the paperwork that was filed in another Georgia federal court case by an Inmate at Butner’s prison medical centre. The case and other similar bogus lawsuits that he filed from prison were dismissed

According to court documents, Trump claimed that his and others “acquired millions un-redacted tax returns as well as other sensitive financial information and bank records as well as accounts and bank records for banking and tax transactions from many million’ Americans and federal government agencies.” ”

Two sources close to the matter claim that the Associated Press did not identify the man because he was known for impersonating federal officials. The Bureau of Prisons will continue to scrutinize his mail.

This inmate was held in prison for many decades after he was declared unfit to face trial for setting a fake bomb outside the Guardian Building in Detroit.


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