Harris Calls For Action After Texas Elementary School Shooting


Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States called for leaders to respond to Tuesday’s mass shooting at Uvalde Elementary School in Texas. Harris stated, “Whenever a tragedy like that happens, our hearts break. But our broken hearts are nothing when compared with the broken hearts of those people.”

Harris was speaking at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies, (APAICS), and urged leaders to act.

“Enough is enough. Harris stated, “Enough is enough. As a nation we must have the courage and understanding to understand the nexus of what makes for reasonable public policy and what makes it sensible to prevent this from happening again.”

Harris spoke of the recent mass shootings at Buffalo, New York and Laguna Woods, California, and Dallas. He stated that there was a new urgency to fight evil in America. Harris stated that “Today, the terrible consequences and violence of hate are being witnessed again and again.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that a shooter named Salvador Romas opened fire on Robb Elementary School Tuesday. He killed more than a dozen children. Greg Abbott said. Abbott stated that two police officers were wounded and shot but would be able to recover.

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin said that the shooter was now barricaded in the school. The school is located 80 miles west from San Antonio and houses students in the second, third, and fourth grades.

Tuesday’s order by President Biden to fly half-staff American flags at both the White House, and all public buildings in the United States was made to honor the victims at Uvalde school shooting which claimed 15 lives, many of whom were children.

All military posts, naval stations, and vessels are subject to the order until Saturday sunset. Biden will address the gathering at 8:15 P.M. ET from the Roosevelt Room at the White House.


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