Retired Russian Gen. Botashev Allegedly Shot Down In Ukraine


Reports claim that a retired Russian Air Force Major General was killed over Ukraine on Sunday.
Kanamat Botashev (63), was a former major general, and top Russian military commander. Subordinates confirmed Botashev’s death to BBC, but requested anonymity.

Botashev would have been, according to reports, the highest-ranking Russian pilot who was killed during the Russian invasion.

The resistance to Russian expansion has hampered Putin’s military — the top commanders expected Ukraine to fall in the first days after war.

It’s not clear why the former commander flew an assault plane at the frontlines during the conflict.

Both sides are suffering heavy casualties. Both the Ukrainian resistance and Russian invading forces are putting civilians at risk.

According to the Office of United Nations High Commissioner For Human Rights, there were 8,533 deaths of civilians in Ukraine. This includes 3,942 deaths, and 4,591 injuries.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Monday that the U.S. is “ways away” from any decision about whether or not the U.S. forces should be reintroduced to Ukraine.


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