Highland Park Suspect’s Video Completely Shoots Down Idea of Him Being a Trump Supporter


We have finally put to rest the claim from the left that Robert Crimo III, the man who was arrested for the Highland Park shooting massacre, was a Trump supporter.

We witnessed Rep. Eric Swalwell’s (D–CA) train crash all over that claim and cursed out a man just for asking Swalwell’s evidence that the suspect was a Trump supporter.

Crimo’s friend said that Crimo was there to make fun of Trump supporters. Crimo was not a Trump supporter, it was a joke. He dressed up as “Waldo”, which is a joke Jimmy Kimmel started against President Donald Trump. We also reported that Crimo liked his Twitter accounts for talking points of the left and the people he was following were Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and not to mention the fact that Trump supporters don’t usually participate in Fourth of July parades.

The Daily Mail has more information that suggests he was not a Trump supporter.

They discovered a video where he was building a shed for his father to live in. A smiley face emoji was also on his shooter. He often wore a shirt that featured a smiley face. The video shows him saying to his followers “What’s the matter, communists?” and “Death To America,” which are two things that you won’t hear from Trump supporters. If anyone needs more, here is more.

Crimo displays his car with the number 47 on it. Many people have been wondering what 47 might mean. They speculate that it could be a reversal in the attack’s day and another sign that he had been planning it for some time. Although that could be true, he likely chose to dress up as Agent 47 in the hit video game “Hitman”, which is the main reason for his obsession.

Crimo ends his video by saying “Goodbye Mr. FBI agent.” Crimo also has a photo of himself somewhere else, wearing an FBI cap. That’s another obsession.

Given his actions and videos, the bottom line is that he seems to be mentally unwell. He may have considered himself a suicide threat or threatened to kill his family members. Police have not yet mentioned any motive or political motive. However, it’s not about being a Trump supporter.


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