My Body, My Choice Rescued by the Medical Freedom Movement, Abortion Lobby Hardest Hit


New York Republican Senate Candidate Joe Pinion describes himself as a “progressive conservator” and explains why he’s reclaiming the term commonly used to describe NY Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s political leanings:

Although “Progressive conservatism” in some ways is an oxymoron but I believe in many ways that we must claim these words back if our goal is to build the broad tent necessary to win elections and to govern.

Whether or not you agree with his choice of this word, it is clear that the Defeat the Mandates crowd made, “My Body, My Choice”, their rallying cry, which effectively negated the death merchants’ use of the phrase.


This was not an abortion rights rally. This was not a protest against Roe v. Wade’s recent U.S. Supreme Court decision. It was the “Defeat the Mandates Rally”, a jubilant gathering of anti-vaccine activists who protested the few remaining COVID-19 guidelines such as the mask mandates for mass transit and the vaccination requirements for healthcare workers.

Similar scenes were seen across the country during this pandemic. Anti-vaccine activists have joined forces with right-leaning causes to protest COVID precautions, using the language of the abortion rights movement.

And they’re succeeding. Vaccine opponents have appropriated “My Body, My Choice,” a slogan that has been inextricably linked to reproductive rights for nearly half a century, to fight mask and vaccine mandates across the country — including in California, where lawmakers had vowed to adopt the toughest vaccine requirements in the U.S.

GOOD. This is how it works. National Public Propaganda Radio makes this sound as if the pro-aborts own the phrase. They did not “own” it. Instead, they used it to manipulate and exploit it. It has been accepted by the medical freedom movement and it now means exactly what it should mean. It is not possible to say “My Body, My Choice” when it comes to abortion and then forces people to inject an experimental vaccine into them.

It makes no sense.

This is what the Left excels at. They rewrite and twist words’ meanings. To justify racism and biological “sex”, “equity” has been used instead of “equality” in order for the trans agenda to be promoted.

Finally, conservatives are becoming more sophisticated in not only taking back the language but also giving it back its full power.

Anti-vaccination groups claim “My Body, My Choice” and abortion rights groups distance themselves from it, marking an astonishing annexation of political messaging.

Lisa Ikemoto (a law professor at the University of California-Davis Feminist Research Institute) said that “It’s an extremely savvy co-option of reproduction rights and the movement’s framing of this issue.” It strengthens the meanings of choice in anti-vaccine and detracts from the meanings of those words in the reproductive rights area.

Let me paraphrase a slogan the Left loves to use: Choice Is Choice. It doesn’t take away from the meaning of “choice” because someone who disagrees with your views is using it.

Celinda Lake, a Democratic strategist, and pollster is based in Washington, D.C. She stated that “My Body, My Choice”, is not polling well with Democrats due to the fact that they associate it with the antivaccination sentiment.

It’s almost comical, and it’s delightful to see them lifted with their petard. Are you allowed to make your own decisions about your body? If we do want to go there, how connected are you to your body when you decide to hook up?

Inquiring minds are eager to find out…

The Left wants both. They failed to win their desired result and abandoned the phrase in favor of another one that they could milk and manipulate to persuade women to murder their offspring.

At an April rally in Los Angeles against vaccine mandates, the phrase “My Body, My Choice”, was a common refrain. Although the slogan was originally used as a catchphrase for abortion rights, it has since become a popular choice among vaccine skeptics. She said that it is rare to see one side adopting the message from the other side — and succeeding. This is what makes it so fascinating.

Jodi Hicks is president of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California. She acknowledged that the misuse of the terminology for abortion has been detrimental to the movement. Hicks stated that “at this moment, it is to co-opt that message and distract from what we’re doing and use it to spread misinformation. It’s frustrating and it’s disappointing.”

Keep crying Jody, we don’t care.


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