Hilary Clinton Rules Out Another Presidential Run As Biden, DNC Aim To Hold Off Potential Candidates


Hillary Clinton ruled out any speculations that she would run for the presidency again in 2024. She called such a campaign “out of the question.” Clinton spoke with the Financial Times about her political career, the Biden presidency and the 2024 race for the presidency.

Clinton refused to answer a question about whether she was planning to run again.

She told the Financial Times, “No, it’s not in the cards.” “First, I expect Biden will run. He intends to run. It would be disruptive to challenge that.”

Clinton stated that the main issue for moving forward was the next electoral vote, over any other economic or social policy issues. Clinton called the possibility of a Republican president 2024 “so terrifying” that it is impossible to help Democrats win.

Clinton stated, “We are on the edge of losing democracy. And everything else that anybody cares about goes out the window.” “It is the most important thing to win the next elections. It is so scary that you should not prioritize anything that does not help.

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, laughed at a Monday question about Biden’s mental and physical well-being in an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon.

Lemon asked, “Does President Obama have the mental and physical stamina to carry on after 2024?” Lemon was curious.

Jean-Pierre, visibly shocked, exclaimed “Don, you are asking me this question.” “Oh my goodness. He’s the President for the United States. Lemon’s press secretary laughed and said that Lemon, 47, sometimes has trouble keeping up with Biden, who is 79. Lemon’s question, she said, was not one that “we should even consider asking.”

Clinton also speculated that Trump would run for the presidency again, if given the chance. Former Secretary of State stated that she believed Trump’s decision to run for president would be driven by financial gain.


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