Hillary Clinton Rips Bernie Sanders As Sexist


According to Ali Vitali, NBC Capitol Hill’s new book, Hillary Clinton, former presidential candidate, accused Bernie Sanders, her Democratic Party rival, of being a sexist. He has made numerous demeaning comments about women including those he has fought against, and has repeatedly said so.

This exclusive quote is from Clinton’s book “Electable: Why America hasn’t put a woman in the White House… Yet”, a political memoir that covers her time covering female presidential candidates.

Politico published a portion of the book online. It focused on Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.’s campaign and the debate she had with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) over his comments in 2018. He allegedly said that “a woman could not win” the election.

Vitali’s book recalls that during the 2020 Democratic primary debate night Abby Phillip, moderator at CNN, addressed Sanders. “CNN reported yesterday, Senator Sanders made a statement and Senator Warren said that she had heard that you believed that a woman could win.” Then she asked her, “Why did that happen?”

Vitali recalled Sanders’ quote. In which he stated, “Well as a matter fact, I didn’t say it.” This is what Donald Trump wants, and perhaps some media outlets. I don’t want it to take too much time. Anyone who knows me well knows that I find it difficult to believe that a woman could be elected president of the United States.

At the end of the debate Warren confronted Bernie with a microphone and said, “I believe you called me an liar on National TV.” After an awkward moment, Sanders dismissed the accusation and said “Let’s stop doing this now.”

Vitali said that another prominent female presidential candidate, who was upset at her 2016 loss, commented on Sanders’ sexist attitude.

In the excerpt, the journalist stated that Clinton had criticized the Vermont senator’s sexism. Vitali wrote that Hillary Clinton was also watching the debate moment. “I believed her because I knew Sanders and I know the type of things he says to women.” She told me that she still felt disgust for her 2016 opponent.

Former secretary of state also expressed regret that Sanders was not called out sooner by her.

Vitali ended her discussion on the debate night squabble with this description of Warren’s mistreatment: “It wasn 2016 redux. It was #NeverHillary, or #NeverClinton back then. This hashtag persisted through the primary, past convention, and into the general elections. It is now #NeverWarren – the hashtag was revived and redesigned to suit another female candidate challenging Bernie and the Bros.

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