More Illegal Immigrants En Route From Texas To Muriel Bowser’s D.C.


More illegal immigrants are arriving in Del Rio, Texas, to visit Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Washington, DC. The Democrat stated that the situation was reaching a “tipping points” while Gov. Greg Abbott (R.TX) sends illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities.

Another busload of migrants is seen arriving in the capital on Thursday.

This video was recorded weeks after Bowser who supports sanctuary city policies activated the National Guard in response to illegal immigrants flooding into the city.

Bowser said, “We need space, and we need to get involved so I’ve requested the deployment of Guard as long as the Guard is needed to deal with the humanitarian crises that we expect will escalate.”

In the last few weeks, more than 4,000 people have arrived in the city following Gov. Abbott’s Operation Lone Star busses illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities like New York City and D.C.

Bowser (D) and Eric Adams (D) were sent a August 1 letter by Abbott explaining that President Biden’s reckless open border policies had created a dangerous environment for tens to millions of Texans as well as communities across the country, including yours.

We all agree that this crisis requires immediate federal action to stop the deadly flood of fentanyl. It is now the leading cause for death in America, affecting Americans 18-45.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D), has echoed Bowser’s sentiments and sought a federal response to her state’s policies encouraging illegal immigration.

Hochul has completely ignored the problems caused by her state’s immigration policies. Hochul’s “Green Light law,” which permits illegal immigrants to get driver’s licences, is one example of this. Rep. Lee Zeldin (R.NY), a GOP candidate for governor, has called on New York not to “incentivize” illegal immigration.


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