Is Killing 100,000 Americans an Act of War?


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 100,306 Americans died in 2021 from drug poisoning and overdoses. In 2022, 109,000 Americans were poisoned.

The drug epidemic that decimated Americans is caused by many countries. Most drugs travel from Mexico to America, where they are smuggled by Mexican cartels. It was manufactured by Mexican cartels with ingredients from the People’s Republic of China.

China’s exports of fentanyl have prompted the United States to take action. Breitbart reports

Treasury Department action was also taken against Chuen Fat Yip. He is considered “one of the largest, if not the most prolific, global producers of anabolic steroids.” The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Texas’ Northern District filed federal drug charges against Yip. In November, they seized $2.3million worth of cryptocurrency from Yip’s digital wallet.

China claims it has prohibited the production and export of fentanyl substances. These claims should be viewed with suspicion, as the authorities don’t know anything about China and the Communist government doesn’t have tacit consent.

It is important that we clarify that the US Fentanyl Misuse Crisis is not caused by China. It is an American social problem. This encouraged the rapid growth of fentanyl addiction.

Global Times criticized the inability of the U.S. to regulate fentanyl to as strict a degree as China. They boasted that a Beijing authoritarian could solve the drug problem.

The US accounts for approximately 80% of all opioids consumed globally and 5 percent of the global population. If something like this happened, officials in China would be held responsible.

China may be guilty, but there could also be geopolitical motives to allow illegal drug exports to the U.S.

Fentanyl, a brand-new drug, can cause death. Fentanyl has been used recreationally. It is 50 times stronger than heroin, so small amounts can have serious side effects. Fentanyl can be added to recreational drugs without warning. Fentanyl may be accidentally ingested by drug users.

Secondarily, the drug epidemic is being caused by enabling government officials. They have also canceled all existing policies, including the wall-building and the stay-in-Mexico policy. They have also canceled all existing policies, including the wall construction and stay-in-Mexico policy. In the fiscal year 2022, there were 1,378,000 foreigners, which resulted in a total of one million getaways.

It is unclear what the Obama administration’s motivations are for their open-border policy. Representatives only reiterate the counter-factual claim that “the border is safe” and there has been no official explanation. One explanation could be that the Democratic Party believes that it can capture the new dependent population in order to become future (or present, if legal) voters. More people of color (BIPOC) will bring about more “social justice.” The open border policy has led to clear results: America is less secure and more vulnerable, and rule-of-law is no longer considered an important factor.

An unprecedented number of illegal aliens have flooded into the country, bringing with it a flood of illegal drugs. According to NBC News

The southern border agents claim they have witnessed a staggering 4,000% rise in seizures of fentanyl in the last three years… One kilogram could kill 500,000 people… ”

Fentanyl has been spread to all 50 states like illegal aliens causing family and personal misery.

Voters have the ability and wisdom to fix poorly thought government policies such as open borders if they have the wisdom and ability. This is the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18 to 45.

Mexico’s criminal cartels are responsible each year for more than 100 thousand Americans being killed. They then smuggle them into America. After giving the Mexican government the time to clean up the cartels and then allowing them to be destroyed, America’s military should be unleashed in order to take decisive action until they are eliminated.

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